Tony Blair: Time To Go!

Time To Go!

War in Iraq

Tony Blair - Bosses' puppet, cartoon by Alan Hardman

Tony Blair – Bosses’ puppet, cartoon by Alan Hardman

He lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction. 66% of people think Blair misled us about going to war with Iraq.

Above: Time to go: Tony Blair (from a cartoon by Alan Hardman)


He’s selling off the NHS to his fatcat friends. The NHS is understaffed, underfunded and health workers are underpaid.


He’s wrecking education. Teachers are being sacked, students are facing top up fees and a lifelong debt burden and too many tests are stressing out kids and teachers alike.

New Labour are just another big business Tory party. Join the Socialist Party and our campaign to help build a new mass party that will fight for the interests of ordinary working people.