Victory For The Socialist Party And The Left In PCS

THE LEFT have swept to victory in the elections for the national executive (NEC) and president of the PCS civil service union.

Bill Mullins, Socialist Party industrial organiser

The full ‘Democracy’ slate was elected, 25 of which are members of Left Unity, winning 34 seats to the right’s nine. The right previously dominated the NEC, holding 28 of the 43 seats.

Janice Godrich, a member of the Committee for a Workers’ International and the Scottish Socialist Party, has been re-elected president. She increased her majority, winning 23,081 votes to the right’s 15,199.

Members voted for the ‘Democracy’ slate because they believed the union reps standing for election would stand up to management and New Labour with their business agenda, piling on the pressures and attacking working conditions. It was a damning verdict on the actions of the right-wing (Moderates). Their leaders have paid the price – Reamsbottom, McGowan, Currie, and Euers have gone.

With general secretary Mark Serwotka, Janice Godrich has had to deal with the right wing’s attacks on union democracy over the last 14 months, including their attempt to overthrow the results of the general secretary election and to curb the powers of the president.

After fighting off the right wing in the courts, a membership ballot supported an initiative from the left and voted to return to annual elections and annual conferences instead of biennial events. It must the first time that a president of a major union has brought forward their own election by 12 months!

This left victory has come at a time when the British trade unions have seen a whole swathe of left leaders being elected. The unions throughout Britain are in the throws of a debate about their links with the Labour Party which is widely seen as another capitalist Party. The Socialist Party is campaigning in the unions to break with the Labour Party and build a new trade union-based mass workers’ party. The victory of the left in the PCS will act as a mighty push down this road.

Socialist Party members elected to the NEC: Mark Baker, Chris Baugh, Janice Godrich, Marion Lloyd, John McInally, Rob Williams and Danny Williamson.

Socialist Party national trade union meeting

Saturday 30 August

This meeting will discuss important new developments in the trade unions over the political funding link with New Labour; battles over low pay and privatisation; the fight against the right wing, and important international struggles eg public sector workers’ struggles in France.

The agenda will also map out and review key organisational tasks for Socialist Party members in the trade unions.

For details contact Bill Mullins, Socialist Party trade union and workplace organiser, 020 8988 8764. [email protected]