Mirror’s Kevin Maguire wishes luck to Jarrow marchers

In today’s Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire’s section includes the following piece that wishes the “best of luck” to the Youth Fight for Jobs Jarrow marchers.

“The Jarrow Crusade, 75 years old next month, is an inspirational chapter in our country’s history. In the Great Depression 200 hungry and desperate jobless men went on a 300 mile walk for work in London.

“Tories and Liberals on Tyneside and along the route backed the 1936 protest which unfashionable as it remains to say, was an utter failure.

“PM Stanley Baldwin refused to see them and ironically it was Hitler who saved the shipbuilding town, war requiring warships.

“I wish the best of luck to the plucky young people who, a week on Saturday, begin walking in the footsteps of the Jarrow men.

Nearly one in five young people are on the scrapheap. But this trek doesn’t have the support of the Cons. Cameron’s Big Society only has room for the successful and the well-to-do.”

For details of the march, see www.jarrowmarch11.com