Drop All Charges Against Day X Detainees

THE DEFENDANTS in the Lewisham Day X Detainees case, Rene Bravo, Marcela Massingnotti and Karl Debbaut appeared at Greenwich magistrates court on 4 June. The most serious charges against Socialist Party member Karl Debbaut of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray, were lowered to assault on a police officer.

This effectively ensured that he, Rene and Marcela, would not be able to exercise their right to trial by jury but would have to be dealt with by the magistrate.

However, the police officer, who was allegedly assaulted, is now in Iraq and won’t be returning for up to eight months!

A number of independent witnesses; workers from Lewisham Town Hall, people at the bus stop where the incident happened will testify in court that the whole incident was provoked by the brutality of the police against young, peaceful and lawful protesters.

Karl, Marcela, and Rene are due to appear at Greenwich again on 2 July. An international campaign is underway to have the charges against the Lewisham Day X Detainees dropped. Seven protesters in the Czech Republic with flags and leaflets have already picketed the British Embassy in Prague about the detainees!

Support this campaign to drop all charges against Lewisham Day X Detainees.

To send a donation towards the cost of the campaign or to get more information, leaflets, petitions etc. write to: Justice for the Day X Detainees, 34A Kender Street, New Cross, London, SE 14 5JG or ring Simon on 07939 665 698 or Carlos on 07971 026 297.