May Day – Protest Against Capitalism

ON MAY DAY, there will be protests around the world against the US/British occupation of Iraq and the war that has been waged in the interests of big business.

Clare James

These protests will be clearly stating the opposition that exists amongst young people in particular towards capitalism, a system that keeps billions of people in poverty and starvation and causes terrorism and war.

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) will be helping to make the anti-capitalist protests a success. ISR is an international anti-capitalist organisation run by and for young people.

We initiated the idea of school and college strikes against the war and helped to organise many across the country. We think it is important young people continue to get organised and join and help build the anti-capitalist protests on May Day.

In London the main trade union May Day demonstration will assemble at 12 noon at Clerkenwell Green to march to Trafalgar Square.

At 2pm, there will be a protest at the headquarters of Lockheed Martin (big arms manufacturer), Berkshire House, Corner of High Holborn and Endell St, WC1.

At 4pm different protests are meeting up outside Shell UK, the Strand, WC2.

If you need more information on the London and other local protests please contact us on 020 8558 7947 e-mail:

[email protected]