May Day Greetings in the Socialist

Support the paper that fights all cuts with a 2012 May Day (international workers’ day) greeting in the Socialist.

The Socialist asks trade union branches, workplace and community groups, anti-cuts campaigns, Youth Fight for Jobs groups, student societies and Socialist Party branches to send in May Day greetings.

Why not take the May Day greeting appeal sheet round your workplace, community group or campaign to get donations towards a greeting? Or, if you are at a university or college, pass it around fellow students.

The Socialist is funded only by its readers and supporters. May Day greetings provide essential money to support the production of the Socialist, while helping to show the range of support the paper has.

The Socialist fights all spending cuts. We say, make the ‘banksters’ pay for the capitalist crisis! The Socialist reports the strikes and protests against cuts and for decent pay, pensions, and working conditions.

We show there is an electoral alternative to Con-Dem, New Labour and Green Party cuts by reporting the work of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

We report on how young people are fighting back for jobs and education through the work of Socialist Students and Youth Fight for Jobs.

But the Socialist also makes the case for a socialist alternative to the crisis-ridden capitalist system. We stand for the millions not the millionaires and billionaires.

Phone Bob on 020 8988 8781 or email [email protected] for appeal sheets and for prices. Greetings deadline: 19 April.