Plymouth’s ‘them & us’ elections

Justin Pollard, Plymouth Socialist Party

Teats Hill Flats in Mount Gould, Plymouth, overlook one of the finest sea views in the South West. Millionaire apartments and luxury marinas are less than a stone’s throw away!

From the expensive apartments, estates like Teats Hill must all look the same – but inside the blocks a battle is going on. Some are covered with graffiti, fag ends and worse; in others, a bit of carpet has been laid in the stairwell and flowerpots stand next to the doors.

Teats Hill resident Clare said: “There used to be a Tenants Association here – everyone knew each other. The council want us all out – after all, if you were going to buy one of those luxury places you wouldn’t want to have to look at us would you?”

It seems the council is letting the place run down so developers can step in and privatise it for rich people to enjoy the view instead.

South West wages are 85% of the national average. Nearly a quarter of households are “economically inactive”. Eight people are chasing every job advertised in the Jobcentre. Public sector employment accounts for 38% of all jobs.

The Tory-controlled council is shedding 500 jobs and freezing wages this year alone.

But Tudor Evans, leader of the Labour group will, if elected… not reverse Tory cuts!

Instead, he says he will look at ways to “hand over council assets to social enterprises, charities, co-ops and community groups” – privatisation by the back door!

To give him credit though, Tudor recently made a rare appearance on the streets of Plymouth – protesting about the price of pasties!

The people of Sutton and Mount Gould at least deserve the chance to vote for someone who will oppose all cuts in jobs and services. Louise Parker is standing as a TUSC candidate on 3 May. We have already been backed by Plymouth RMT who have donated £200 towards the campaign.

We also need helpers – not just to get votes, but to build the fight against cuts and put the case for socialism.

We are holding canvasses every Tuesday at 3.30pm and Sunday at 11am and we appeal for support for a big push on Sunday 15 April. Phone 07952 666073 for details.