Wales can’t afford to wait: fight back now!

Remember when the Tories and their poodles, the Liberal Democrats, said there was no need to worry about public sector job losses because the private sector would expand to fill the gap? Well guess what? It isn’t happening!

The UK numbers look bad but the situation here in Wales is particularly bad. A report by the Institute of Public Policy Research has estimated that another 7,000 jobs will be lost in Wales by the end of this summer. And they can see no prospect of unemployment in Wales falling much from its current level of 9.1% before the summer of 2013.

Add in the effects of regional pay on the Welsh economy, should the Tories succeed with their plans, and it becomes obvious that Wales can’t afford the Con-Dems.

Neither can we afford to wait another three years for a Labour government in the desperate hope that it does more for working class people than the last ones did. To have that hope is to ignore the messages coming from Miliband, Balls and the rest of the Labour hierarchy – that they won’t reverse the Tory cuts.

TUSC supporters aren’t going to wait for what Labour may never deliver; we are trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners who are fighting Tory cuts and their effects every day in our workplaces and communities.

Vote TUSC on 3 May and join the fight against all cuts