Unison Service Group Executive elections

Unison’s elections for the Service Group Executives (SGE) are being held from 10 April to 18 May. It is clear that the Con-Dem government have declared war on the public sector and is intent on making public sector workers in particular pay for their financial crisis with jobs, wages, conditions and pensions.

These national attacks need a national response from Unison. The pension dispute has shown that Unison members will back a call for coordinated national strike action to defend pensions.

The Socialist Party believes that members should reject the pension deals and reinstate the national strike action, linking up with the teachers, civil servants and others, as the only way to force this government to back down.

In the SGE elections, please vote for the Socialist Party members below who are committed to building a fighting democratic union. You can only vote for the candidates in your service group or region.

  • Local Government: Angie Waller, female seat Yorkshire/Humberside, Steve North, general seat North West, Mark Evans, general seat Cymru/Wales.
  • Health: Adrian O’Malley, general seat, Yorkshire and Humberside, Len Hockey, general seat, greater London, Roger Davey, general seat, South West.
  • Higher Education: Ivan Bonsell, general seat, higher education, South East.
  • Community: Tony Aitman, general seat, North West.

Please also support the other left candidates standing; as in the full list below:


Greater London General – Mary Powell


London Female seat – Janet Maiden

London General seat – Len Hockey

North West Female Seat – Karen Reissmann

South West General Seat – Roger Davey

Yorkshire and Humberside General Seat – Adrian O’Malley

Higher Education

Eastern General Seat – Mark Dee Smith

London Female Seat – Molly ‘Cooper

London General Seat – Sandy Nicoll

South East General Seat – Ivan Bonsell

West Midlands General Seat – Matt Raine

Local Government

East Midlands General Seat – Richard Buckwell

London Female Seat – Marshajane Thompson

London General Seat – John McLoughlin

London Reserved Seat – Helen Steel

North West Female Seat – Andrea Egan

North West General Seat – Steven North

South West General Seat – Nigel Behan

West Midlands General Seat – David Hughes

Yorkshire and Humberside Female Seat – Angela Waller

Yorkshire and Humberside General Seat – Jim Board