Class Actions

    Class Actions are a Salford-based rap duo who support the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. They performed at the Socialism 2010 social.

    Last year the band worked with Tony Mulhearn whose voice is sampled on their track Militant, and they have endorsed Tony’s campaign for mayor of Liverpool.

    Aslan AK of Class Actions says: “Tony is a true working class hero. He is genuinely prepared to put his neck on the line to help normal people, the people of Liverpool need someone like that.”

    The band were in Liverpool recently to produce the video of their latest track Rip Up the Sun which features Liverpool football fans doing just that. The track has been released to coincide with the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

    Check out the band on their website

    Militant, with Tony’s voice, is track five on their mix tape Con Dem Killers, and Rip Up the Sun is available for download too.

    Paul Gerrard, Salford