Turning anger into action

I am a young mother with two beautiful children and have decided to join the Socialist party. I was brought up by my family with socialist views and ideas. My family are socialists and my granddad Pat Wall was a left-wing MP.

As I became a mum I began struggling more and more financially, especially with the vicious cuts on working tax credit and child tax credit.

In April 2011, a month before giving birth to my second baby, the baby element of child tax credit was completely abolished.

It annoyed me that babies and children should be punished all because of the bankers’ greed and Cameron’s alliance with the super-rich.

I work as a part time recruitment consultant and one of the things my job entails is daily searching of the job boards and the job centre website.

One thing I noticed was that the telesales call centre and receptionist vacancies had now turned into ‘apprenticeships’.

Nick Clegg has the audacity to claim he created apprenticeships for the benefit of young people. The truth is all he did is replace these minimum wage jobs with an even lower wage (hidden behind this so-called apprenticeship), reducing wages to exploit young school leavers so that big business can receive cheap labour.

I could go on forever about what angers me about the current government and capitalism just like we all could.

I am happy to have joined the Socialist Party and hope in the next elections a socialist candidate in Keighley will be standing so that I can vote for them.

Charlotte Wall