Solidarity against far-right thugs

Over 50 trade unionists and anti-racists rallied in Lewisham High Street on 12 May to show solidarity with the member of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) who had been assaulted and hospitalised by far-right thugs – suspected supporters of the racist and hooligan EDL – a fortnight earlier on a campaign stall against government cutbacks.

The local NUT branch decided to set up stalls on 12 May to take a clear message to the local community – No to racism, No to cuts! Hundreds of copies of the Lewisham NUT leaflet calling for unity against the cuts and for jobs, pensions and public services, NOT racism, were given out.

NUT members also handed out leaflets from the joint union ’68 is too late’ campaign to oppose the government’s pensions robbery.

Shoppers came up to the NUT stall to sign a letter to David Cameron calling for ‘Fair pensions for all’.

People were horrified by the attack and supported trade unionists and socialists who were fighting for workers’ unity against vicious attacks on services and jobs. 25 copies of the Socialist were sold.