Swansea DVLA staff protest at embarrassment of job cuts

A DVLA worker

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Swansea branch of the PCS is holding a protest rally on 10 August at 12.30 outside the Department for Transport (DfT) Shared Services Centre in Swansea.

Shared Services provides administrative functions such as payroll for DVLA and other DfT agencies and is due to be privatised in 2013. The rally is also to protest at the decision of the Con-Dem government to close the DVLA local office network with the potential loss of 1,200 jobs.

DVLA Swansea workers have already walked out on 8 June, 22 June and 3 August as part of the dispute over job losses, privatisation, pay freeze and attacks on terms and conditions. The walkouts have lasted for two to three hours in addition to the national one-day strike held on 10 May.

The decision to close the 39 local offices has caused widespread anger not just in the offices due to close but in the Swansea headquarters as well.

These lyrics express the reaction of a PCS member after receiving a letter declaring him surplus to requirements. Mike Penning, the Transport Minister, is an embarrassment.

Sung to the tune of ‘Embarrassment’ by Madness:

Received a letter just the other day

Don’t seem they wanna know us no more

They’ve laid it down given us the score

Within the first two lines it bluntly read

You’re not to come and work for us no more

Keep away from our door

Don’t come round here no more

What on earth did they do that for

Mike Penning he don’t know what he says

He’s a disgrace to the human race we say

How can you show your face

When you’re a disgrace to the human race

No integrity, you’re an embarrassment

Yes an embarrassment, a living endorsement

The consultation you have cooked

Public opinion got overlooked

They say stay away

Don’t want you at work today

Keep away from our door

Don’t come round here no more

You’re an embarrassment!