Virgin Media and the unions

Virgin Media announced during a conference call with CWU national officials on 2 November that they are running a referendum among staff asking whether they want the union recognition agreement to remain in force. Virgin want to de-recognise both the CWU and Bectu.

Virgin claim that they have received ‘strong feedback’ from staff saying that they no longer want the union to be recognised.

They are organising roadshows around the country to spread their anti-union message. The CWU union has decided not to leaflet these roadshows because they say the union-busters will tell members that a rival company or third force are interfering.

This is a mistake and will increase the chance of the anti-union message being heard unopposed.

The ballot started on 7 November and will finish on 16 November. It has been called at very short notice and with a short balloting period to minimise opposition.