Bristol postal workers fight bullying

Tom Baldwin

Dressed in Santa hats and with spirits high, around 40 postal workers and their supporters joined the picket line on 10 December at the Bristol South East delivery office.

Members of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) reported the strike was rock solid, with Royal Mail having to bring in managers from as far as Reading and Cardiff to staff the depot.

The strike was called in response to management bullying. Complaints even include being followed to the toilet by managers.

Workers plan to strike again on 17 December if their issues are not addressed. So far the strike is limited to one office. But at a rally outside the gates CWU speakers reported that other branches had donated to their strike fund and that a number of other workplaces were considering action on the same issue.

They explained these were not isolated incidents but part of the push for Royal Mail privatisation.

In order to make Royal Mail more attractive to profit-hungry privateers, bosses are deliberately trying to weaken the union and cow the workers. The CWU should plan to coordinate action nationally to defend their members.