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    Cameron’s cuts aren’t working

    Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

    Socialist Party members from branches throughout England and Wales will be meeting at our national congress on 2-4 March to discuss the crisis in the world economy and the political situation in Europe and in Britain today.

    We ask all readers to support our 2013 Congress finance appeal.

    Despite all their talk of economic competence, the ruinous austerity policies of Cameron, Osborne and Clegg will have added an extra £700 billion to the national debt by 2015. The coalition is lurching from one crisis to another.

    The Con-Dems are weak and divided and could be pushed back with a determined campaign of coordinated strike action against the cuts, the attacks on the NHS and in the schools, culminating in a one-day general strike.

    This fightback is growing and Socialist Party members are often playing leading and important roles – from the strike action by NHS clerical workers in Yorkshire to the campaign against the council cuts and closures in Southampton alongside the rebel ex-Labour councillors.

    The Socialist Party is also playing a vital part in developing an electoral alternative based on the working class and the trade unions through the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

    Our analysis shows a way out of this capitalist crisis – the amount of wealth in the world could ensure a decent life for everyone but only if the working class and poor can gain democratic control and ownership over it.

    That’s why building the Socialist Party and winning people to socialist ideas is so important – and why we need the finance to put our ideas into practice.

    Every donation is welcome whether you are at school, unemployed or on a low wage and can’t afford a lot.

    It is the spirit in which it is given that is important. If you are working we would like you to consider making a bigger donation.

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