The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is an electoral alliance that stands candidates against all cuts and privatisation. It involves the RMT transport workers’ union, leading members of other trade unions including the PCS, NUT, FBU and POA, and socialist organisations including the Socialist Party.

Socialist Party members explain why they are standing for TUSC in elections this year.

Mary Jackson, Doncaster mayoral candidate

Mary Jackson, photo Mary4Mayor

Mary Jackson, photo Mary4Mayor

“Another £25 million cut from Doncaster council this year. 300 job losses, children’s centre closed, rents up, school meals up. That’s after libraries shut, wardens sacked, care homes closed. This is the cost of the bankers’ greed and the Tories’ ideological agenda.

But we’re not ‘all in this together’. Instead of passing on these cuts, the mayor and council should be standing up for local people against the government.

There is no need for these cuts. The money is there for jobs and services.

There is £120 billion in unpaid taxes by the rich and big corporations.

If elected, I would propose a budget based on the needs of Doncaster, not the demands of the Conservative coalition. I would rally the townspeople against the Tory government to fight for the funding we need to protect our jobs and services.”

Doncaster TUSC election campaign launch rally
Speakers include:
  • Bob Crow, RMT transport union general secretary
  • Tony Mulhearn, ‘Liverpool 47’ councillor 1983-87 and 2012 TUSC Liverpool mayoral candidate
  • Mary Jackson, Doncaster TUSC mayoral candidate
Tuesday 2 April, 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Doncaster Trades and Labour Club, Second Floor, Frenchgate Centre, DN1

Richard Shattock, Hatfield

“Students face fees of up to £9,000 a year. EMA has been scrapped. We have the highest levels of youth unemployment in a generation. Little is on offer now to young people.

I am due to go to university this year at the University of Hertfordshire. I have tried to prepare for my education financially by getting a job, which has been next to impossible.

Then after I leave university, there’s a severe shortage in the jobs market for graduates.

Out campaigning in Hatfield town centre, we came across a veteran of the First Gulf War who was being hit by the bedroom tax. He signed our petition to axe it.

Stories like this fuel my motivation to stand up for ordinary people across Welwyn-Hatfield on an anti-cuts platform in May’s county council elections. I’ll offer a genuine alternative to the three main establishment parties of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, as well as the Greens, who have proven in other areas of the country they are not willing to stand up to austerity.”

Paul Phillips, Heaton byelection candidate, Newcastle

“On 6 March, Newcastle Labour Party forced through £100 million in budget cuts over three years, including the closure of ten libraries, swimming pools and 100% of youth services.

Residents in Newcastle are up in arms about the cuts. We have recently seen a demonstration of 3,000 people from different anti-cuts groups around Newcastle.

But still people of Newcastle have no real choice when going to the ballot box.

This is why I’m standing as a TUSC candidate in the 25 April South Heaton ward byelection.

I will be standing on a no-cuts platform and will fight to reverse every cut which has already been implemented, as well as helping to mount the battle against the bedroom tax, not one eviction is necessary!”

“I welcome Paul Phillips standing as a TUSC candidate in the forthcoming byelection in Newcastle’s South Heaton ward.

This young candidate has already got a proven record of fighting for public services, and a caring society. I have witnessed his involvement in campaigns against the cuts, in defence of welfare benefits, campaigning for low-paid workers and for positive policies like renationalisation of our railways and for support for British Seafarers.

Recently, he has joined cleaners on the Tyne and Wear metro in their fight for better, fairer pay.

As a former Labour councillor myself, I am sure that Paul would prove to be an active and campaigning local councillor.

Most importantly he’s NOT like the rest – he’s a committed socialist – he shares your concerns, worries, problems and aspirations.

He will stand up for the underdog and for the local community – say NO to more of the same – forget the rest – go for the best, give Paul Phillips a chance to put YOU and South Heaton first.

A simple cross on a voting paper really can make a difference – PHILLIPS X.”

Craig Johnston, RMT Northern Region relief organiser

Trade Union forum

TUSC is hosting a forum of leading trade unionists on 6 April, an RMT transport workers’ union initiative to broaden trade union support for TUSC.

There will be three sessions at the forum, with an introductory speaker from the RMT executive: the struggle for trade union rights; standing in local council elections and supporting councillors prepared to vote against cuts; and utilising union funds to stand anti-austerity candidates.

For further information contact RMT executive member Daren Ireland at [email protected]