Thera: Campaign moves up a gear

Thera Trust: the campaign moves up a gear

Following the strike on 18 April, Unison members at Thera East Midlands (TEM) struck again on 29 and 30 May against a new contract which severely attacks their terms and conditions. The strike certainly had an effect.

It was reported to the Socialist that in Derbyshire, TEM had to bring in Community Support Leaders from as far as Northamptonshire and Leicester and also operations managers to cover the houses where staff were on strike.

It was also reported that management also had to cover for striking staff in Nottingham.

On 29 May, in driving rain and despite a letter from Thera’s lawyers trying to undermine the will of the members to protest, almost 30 Unison members held a noisy protest with banners, placards and flags outside the TEM head office.

One striker delivered an impromptu and witty serenade to TEM management. Brian, an officer from Notts County Unison, is bringing his guitar next time.

After the protest one striker told the Socialist: “We had a meeting in the nearby hotel with an excellent discussion.

“There was a strong determination to carry on the campaign to get the new contract thrown out, to fight for a wage increase for non-TUPEd staff and to protect wages of TUPEd staff.

“It was reported that TEM have already started to attack our sick pay. One member told me that it has already been implemented on her with a cut of over £300 in her wages.

“There was a discussion about the campaign for union recognition and it was agreed to step this up. There will be meetings aimed at non members.”

After the strike, a Unison officer found out that Notts county council has suspended all future referrals to TEM. The pressure is building up.