Equinox workers strike again

On 10 and 11 July, Unite members who are support workers at the Equinox housing charity in London took strike action.

Workers who are helping some of the most vulnerable people in society are facing a 25% pay cut.

Equinox CEO Bill Puddicombe claims that these cuts are being made because the company hasn’t got enough money.

Yet much to the anger of workers at the charity, he will face no pay cut except the ‘sacrifice’ of his performance related bonus which amounts to 6% of his wages.

On the picket line workers held placards with an image depicting Puddicombe as a fat cat.

The Socialist spoke to one of the striking workers at the New Cross picket line. She said that what she wanted to see most was “management sitting round the table and at least talking,” and that she “didn’t want to be on strike, I want to be working with the clients”.

She also said the support from other union branches and the public was fantastic.

On the strike days only one person went into work and one refused to cross the picket line when he realised what was going on.

There was also an offer to help the Equinox workers deliver leaflets to houses in the area by a passer-by who was concerned about the effect that damages to the service would have on the local community.

At the moment the Equinox board is still refusing to negotiate. But Unite members at the charity are looking at how to step up the campaign with further strike action on the cards.

Paul Callanan