Obituary – Steve Draper

I am sad to report that long-standing Grimsby Militant and Socialist Party member Steve Draper died on 9 September from a heart attack.

While Steve had not been able to be active in recent years due to ill-health, he had remained a committed member, regularly paying his membership dues and subscribing to the Socialist paper.

Steve was at his most active in the battle against the poll tax. I remember a demo in Grimsby of 3,000 organised by Militant members. He loved reading and writing and for many years it was like he had a regular spot in the Letters column of the Militant, he wrote so often.

While not known to many of the new Socialist Party members in Grimsby, his dedication and commitment to the socialist cause should act as an inspiring example. Our condolences to Steve’s brothers, Rob and Jim and the rest of his family.

Alistair Tice