Victory for workers against anti-union boss at King & Fowler

Metal workers at King & Fowler in Liverpool achieved a stunning victory this week after six one-day strikes.

Their action came about after six years without a pay rise and mistreatment from their anti-trade union boss who refused to recognise Unite the Union.

The result of their action was an immediate pay award of 3%, along with a two year deal of 2.5% in April 2014 and 2% in April 2015.

They also secured an agreement for time and a half for bank holidays and overtime as well as time in lieu for all hours worked on bank holidays.

As well as these improvements, Unite has now secured a recognition agreement which was achieved after it built its membership from 18 to 48, which represents the vast majority of the workforce.

Dot, who works at King & Fisher, said: “People like us needed to make a stand and we did make a stand.”

Donna Bernard from Unite said: “The union would stand firm with its members when faced with ruthless bosses who think they can get away with treating their workers in this way.”

Dave Walsh