200 say ‘Tequila’s got to go!’

Mary Finch, Leeds Socialist Students

“Tequila has got to go!” Almost 200 students marched and protested outside the Mezz Club in Leeds for Tequila UK’s “Freshers Violation” night, following their use of rape as a marketing strategy.

Tequila UK uploaded a video of men being asked at the club night how they intended to “violate a fresher” – and were enthusiastic at responses like “I’m going to take advantage of someone” and “she’s going to get raped”.

This horrifying spectacle of rape culture sparked a huge backlash from people both on and off campus.

The Feminist Society at Leeds University organised the hugely successful demonstration, involving Socialist Students and numerous student societies on campus, students from outside Leeds University and non-students as well.

The petition to shut down Tequila UK, with over 3,000 signatures collected in under two weeks, was handed to the Mezz Club management at the demo.

The equality and diversity officer of Leeds University Union plans to draw up a “zero tolerance” pledge for the union and the Mezz Club.

Socialists will not stand by while rape victims face the blame for their assault, while rape is trivialised, promoted and even used to sell club night tickets.