Swansea socialists oppose National Front

Fight racism with unity against cuts

Claire Job, Swansea Socialist Party Branch Secretary

Swansea’s Labour council will make £45 million of cuts to services and jobs over the next three years, under the name ‘Sustainable Swansea’!

On Saturday 19 October, Socialist Party members arrived in Swansea city centre to petition and fight back against these crippling cuts.

However, we found the far-right, racist National Front (NF) on the streets of Swansea with flags and banners spreading hatred and intolerance.

We took on the NF head on. We set up our stall on their pitch and opposed the divisiveness of racism with unity in fighting cuts.

We explained to passers-by that the answer to defending jobs and services is to unite working class people.

We all face massive attacks on our living standards; we all use the same services which are being cut to the bone, regardless of our race, culture or religion.

It’s the 1% who are to blame, the super-rich, the multinationals and the corrupt banking system, that put profits above the needs of people.

Joined by other left and anti-fascist groups, we campaigned, petitioned, explained and won support from young and old for our position of no tolerance to the NF and no tolerance to a Labour council passing on Tory cuts.

Racism and prejudice feeds off misery and the cuts being implemented by the council will certainly lead to lots of misery for working class people in Swansea.

It is because Labour doesn’t offer a lead, because it accepts these spending cuts almost without challenge, that groups like the NF feel they are welcome to campaign in the city centre. Well they’re not!

So join the socialists in a united fight against all cuts.