Support Glasgow care workers fighting attacks

Unison members in Glasgow city council’s residential homes for older people were on strike from 13 January for 48 hours to resist cuts in pay, unacceptable changes to job roles and a move to 12 and a half hour shifts.

Among a range of attacks, the council want to cut up to 7% of the wages of 182 workers, out of a workforce of just over 500, through introducing the new shift pattern. 122 full-time workers face a loss of £1,495 a year and 60 part-timers a loss of £794 a year.

The council have tried to bully workers into agreeing to the wage cuts and changes individually and it has been unwilling to reach an agreement with Unison.

Brian Smith, Unison’s Glasgow branch secretary, said: “We have not taken action lightly but have no alternative.

“The lowest paid staff are being asked to take on new tasks like dispensing medicines – and at the same time they are being forced to work longer shifts and to accept massive pay cuts.”

The residential care workers’ strike deserves the full support of all trade unionists.