May Day greetings with the Socialist

Over the last years we have had brilliant May Day displays in the Socialist.

Let’s aim to repeat that success in 2014, the 40th anniversary of the founding of the CWI and later in the year the 50th anniversary of the first issue of our party’s paper.

Our ‘reporters’ are actively involved in the struggles they report, from workplaces, communities, universities, schools and colleges.

We report the victories that show that if you fight back you can win – from construction workers’ disputes in Britain, to Lonmin miners in South Africa.

And the Socialist doesn’t just report workers’ strikes and the anti-cuts movement, but puts forward a strategy to defeat the cuts and to fight for a socialist alternative.

Help the Socialist continue that work with a May Day greeting this year.

Get a 25% discount by paying by Friday 11 April Greeting price guide: £500 for a whole page (£375 before 11 April); £300 for a half-page (£225); £170 quarter-page (£127.50); £90 one-eighth (£67.50); £50 one-sixteenth (£37.50); £30 1/32 (£22.50); £20 small box (£15). other rates are available.