Campaigns news in brief

Trade union day school

I was fortunate enough to attend a Socialist Party regional day school on trade unionism in Manchester on 31 January. The course was very informative with lots of good advice on what to raise at union meetings.

I feel more confident and better informed as a result, and would wholeheartedly recommend day schools to members looking for a more active role in their unions.

Jimmy Tyson

Salford TUSC

Salford Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC – see box on page 10) has announced it will be standing candidates in all 20 wards in the city for the May elections.

We have also announced two parliamentary candidates, including Noreen Bailey. Noreen spearheaded the campaign against cuts to adult passenger transport, and says:

“I’m just an ordinary mum and I never thought I’d do anything like this. But because of the cuts we’ve faced to the services our loved ones need, I’ve decided to have a go. I want to give people a voice. None of the other parties seem to care about what is happening to us, but TUSC have helped us all the way. They are genuine and they care.”

Our other parliamentary candidate is Steve North, branch secretary of Salford City Unison, which has been instrumental in the fight against Labour council cuts.

We are delighted that everyone in Salford will have the chance to vote for a genuine, anti-austerity, working class political force at the next elections.


Matt Kilsby

Derby pool closure

Derby’s Labour council caused uproar at its recent meeting discussing a swimming pool closure in the city (see previous issues). Campaigners in the public gallery had been expecting a vote on a motion to keep the pool open until a replacement is finished.

Labour underhandedly passed an amendment which removed any commitment to this. Councillors ignored questions challenging them to use reserves. As one member of the public said, “I can sum them up in one word: spineless.”

Chris Fernandez

Leeds TUSC

TUSC supporters in Leeds joined other anti-cuts forces to host a packed meeting on 26 January ahead of the general election. The meeting of 65 agreed to mount the widest socialist challenge possible in May.

Iain Dalton