Action Now To Stop Bush & Blair’s War

WHILE BUSH and Blair go through the charade of weapons inspections, the ‘undeclared’ war against Iraq has already begun. British and US aircraft have stepped up action in the ‘no-fly zones’, bombing Iraqi defence systems in preparation for the ‘real’ war for oil and prestige in a few weeks time.

At the same time, giant B-52 bombers have arrived at Fairford in Gloucestershire, ready for a bombing campaign that will result in death and injury for thousands of ordinary Iraqis.

But in the last week Bush and Blair’s warmongering has not gone entirely to plan. Despite economic bribes the Turkish parliament failed to vote to allow 62,000 US troops to use Turkey for an invasion of Iraq from the North. This could delay the war and make it much more costly both financially and with regards to soldiers losing their lives.

On TV, the French Foreign Minister said that France “is going to oppose” a new UN resolution. The strong-arm tactics against UN Security Council members will continue, to try and get them to bow to US imperialism’s will. But Bush and Blair might not get the figleaf of a second resolution which they want, in order to try and head off the mounting opposition to war.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair is making history. He has faced the biggest ever political demonstration in Britain and the biggest ever parliamentary rebellion! And yet, arrogant as ever, he completely ignores the massive anti-war mood that exists in Britain. No wonder only 30% of people are satisfied with the job he is doing.

If Blair is going to be stopped then we have to build on the two million strong 15 February demonstration by organising for more decisive action now. This should involve massive civil disobedience, strike action and support for a European 24-hour general strike – proposed by several European trade unions – on the day bombing starts (Day X) .

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has shown the way by becoming the first national union to support action on Day X. This was following the initiative of a Socialist Party member.

Now we need to build on this success by organising in the workplaces, colleges, schools and universities for the widest possible anti-war action on Day X.