No To War On Iraq

Demonstrate 15 February

THE BUSH administration has started the countdown to war – without a shred of evidence from the UN inspectors to prove Iraq possesses ‘weapons of mass destruction’. US secretary of state Colin Powell, a supposed political ‘dove’, has told Iraq: “Time is running out”.

Jane James

Powell told delegates at the World Economic Forum that the US ‘will not shrink from going to war on its own’ – never mind what the rest of the world has to say!

But the US government won’t be entirely on its own. Bush’s lap-dog, Tony Blair, told breakfast TV: “When America is taking on these tough and difficult questions, our job is to be there [with them].”

The consequence of a war will be thousands killed and injured along with absolute turmoil in the Middle East.

Yet the decision to go to war will ultimately be decided by a group of rich politicians and business magnates in the Bush administration whose real aims are to control oil and to dominate the Middle East and beyond.

But millions of people across the world are demanding their say. Opposition and anger has been shown in demonstrations and protests of hundreds of thousands across the world.

Now we will get our chance to show Blair that he does not speak for the vast majority of people in this country by ensuring that the national anti-war demonstration on 15 February is enormous.

Even the police have estimated numbers of 400,000 so it could be double this in size.

There will now be two marches in London, one assembling on the Embankment and one in Gower Street. Both will march to Hyde Park for a rally where large screens are planned to link up with some of the 33 other cities in the world where demonstrations will be taking place at the same time.

All those opposed to the war should be on this demonstration while making sure opposition is built consistently, including walkouts, protests, blockades and industrial action.

Strikes are already being planned by school students in a number of schools.

Opposition to the war needs to be built in every workplace, school, college, university and community.

Join with us to build that opposition now.

The Socialist says

  • Build for the mass demonstration in London on 15 February as part of the international day of protest against war with Iraq.
  • Build anti-war groups in every school, college, university, workplace and community.
  • Develop sustained and organised mass civil disobedience – walkouts, protests, blockades and industrial action.
  • Campaign for an alternative to global conflict and war – for a socialist world!

National anti-war demonstration

called by Stop The War Coalition

Saturday 15 February

Assemble: Embankment or Gower St, London (nb. Two assembly points) – 12 noon.

For more details phone Ken Smith, Socialist Party representative on the Stop The War Committee. Tel: 020 8988-8778