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After almost four years of war in Iraq, up to 655,000 civilians have been killed. At the start of the war the socialist said that the invasion would not be the easy victory predicted by Bush, but could result in the civil war that exists today.

Bob Severn the socialist, national sales organiser

The socialist also said that demonstrations alone – even the London march of two million people on 15 February 2003 – might not be enough to stop the war machine. Workers and young people would also need to organise trade union action to make military action unviable.

Blair now wants to spend billions on renewing Trident. Some big-business newspapers oppose such spending on nuclear arms but they just put forward gestures, such as a petition signed by celebrities!

As with the issue of climate change, oil and arms corporations – and their mouthpieces in government – will always put profit way in front of the future of humanity. Only the socialist shows the need for democratic public control of the world’s resources to save our planet.

The socialist reports on the campaigns to save our health service, workplace disputes over jobs and pensions, and the need for a new workers’ party to represent the millions, not the millionaires. We also cover the Campaign to Defeat Fees, and battles by young workers against low pay and exploitation, including the recent JJB Sports dispute.

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