International news in brief

Israel: Eurovision winner at Tel-Aviv Pride

Last year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner, Conchita Wurst from Austria joined 150,000 others at the recent Tel-Aviv Pride march and can be seen holding a Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI Israel/Palestine) leaflet. Socialist Struggle Movement supported in the demonstration campaigning for equal rights and social justice for the LGBT community.

Ireland: Paul Murphy joins anti-cuts lobby

Paul Murphy TD (MP), Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) joined protesters outside the Dail (Irish Parliament) lobbying the government over brutal cuts to lone parents allowance. The same department attacking lone parents with these cuts is offering to hand out a bribe of 100 euros to sign up to Irish Water – a transfer from the vulnerable to the compliant!

USA: Door knocking for Kshama Sawant

As part of the campaign to get Socialist Alternative (CWI co-thinkers in the US) Seattle city councillor Kshama Sawant re-elected, trade unionists took part in a door knocking campaign with the message “we need candidates fighting for workers’ rights!”