Organise the student fightback!

  • March against the Tories 4 October
  • Join the national student demo 4 November
  • Fight for student strikes
Alex Davies, Aberystwyth Socialist Students

The government is launching another range of attacks on students. Following the devastation caused by £9,000 fees, this new all-Tory government is getting ready for round two.

The 2015 budget includes a rise in tuition fees. Some universities will even be allowed to raise their fees in line with inflation, meaning £10,000 fees are not out of the question!

As well as this, means-tested maintenance grants, created primarily for the poorest, are being scrapped and replaced with loans.

This will be what the next five years looks like if we do not fight back and organise. We should immediately voice our opposition to these attacks on 4 October, at Tory party conference in Manchester.

Thousands of workers and young people will march against austerity in the first national demonstration since the budget and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Jeremy Corbyn stands for free education and against austerity and we should use this as a platform in our campaign.

A national student demonstration has been called on 4 November demanding free education and living grants for all. This will be another fantastic opportunity to show students’ anger and power in the face of government attacks.

But as well as taking action on the streets, we need to take action and organise on campus. Some have raised the idea of student strikes.

These were a central tactic in Quebec in 2012 when a mass movement of students defeated tuition fee rises. They organised student demonstrations, organising occupations and strikes, with tens of thousands of workers marching alongside them.

A student strike, alongside action by workers and trade unions who are facing massive attacks of their own, would have a tremendous effect.

For this to be organised by the National Union of Students, 5% of all student unions must support the idea. This means 30 student unions from either colleges or universities need to sign up, which we are campaigning to achieve.

On the streets and on campuses we must fight back to defend our education!