Holding MPs to account

The following letter by Paul Callanan, London Socialist Party, has been carried by the London Evening Standard on 18.12.15

Siobhain McDonagh’s article is yet another example of a figure from Labour’s hard Right losing their grip on reality. She even goes as far as comparing Left-wingers to the perpetrators of domestic violence. Surely this highly offensive slur is a prime example of the very bullying tactics she purports to oppose?

The indignation of these figures stems from the fact that people are now trying to hold them to account. Surely Labour members should have a say in who represents the party at elections. Why do some MPs feel they have a divine right to a seat for life?

The reason these people are making such allegations against the Left is clear. Jeremy Corbyn’s victory showed that people are desperate for a party that stands against austerity and war, which would consign MPs like Ms McDonagh to the history books.