“We hope to inspire people to go out and spread their passion for the Socialist”

Corinthia Ward, Birmingham Central Socialist Party

Socialist Party members in Birmingham have recently been focusing on campaigning on the Socialist. This has resulted in an increase in sales over a short space of time. Members suggested various ideas on how our branch could achieve this and hopefully our points may help other branches around the country!

The first task was to check that all members in the branch had signed up to receive the paper by subscription and if not ask if they can – by emphasising the importance of supporting the Socialist.

Our own media

With mainstream media being controlled by the right-wing establishment and information being cherry picked to support capitalist interests, it is imperative, now more than ever, to support and actively promote a publication which is in the interests of the working class.

Birmingham members are also now more consciously ensuring they carry papers at all times. So, if in conversation with someone at home, work or in general daily life, interest is shown by the other person, a member is able to sell them a paper straight away. Not only does this help with the sales but it also helps spread our ideas to a wider audience.

Another great opportunity for increased sales is through our campaigning stalls.

At branch meetings we are reminding members to push paper sales and especially not to be afraid of asking for the solidarity price of £2 – if you don’t ask you won’t get! This has significantly helped recently with our latest Saturday stall selling 15 papers.

Lastly, we are arranging a meeting specifically to discuss the history of the paper and its importance to the party. By remembering the role the paper has played in defending working people and the 99%, we hope to inspire people to go out and spread their passion for the Socialist.