Cumbria cuts – the grim reaper

‘Cuts kill!’ is a slogan raised as a warning by the movement against austerity in recent years. Is this exaggerated? Unfortunately not. Dozens of reports confirm this grim warning.

And make no mistake, the recent decision by Labour Cumbria county councillors to carry out £25 million cuts to vital public services, particularly social care, will result in more unnecessary deaths in Cumbria.


Those are the stakes. Never mind destroying the jobs and livelihoods of 2,000 families.

But there was opposition to these cuts – from Socialist Party and Unison activists. The local News & Star carried a report of our lobby of councillors and of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition statement to the council meeting.

This was the only organised public opposition to the council budget cuts in Cumbria.

In the sixth year of ever-worsening austerity attacks, why was there no mass mobilisation of the trade unions, anti-cuts groups and the left?

And what role are the ‘Corbynistas’ playing on the council?

Jeremy Corbyn has said cuts are not an economic necessity but a political choice. We will continue to fight the cuts.

Carlisle Socialist Party