• 3 members of Socialist Party’s sister organisation elected to Irish Parliament
  • Poll shows socialism more popular than capitalism in Britain
Ruth Coppinger and Joe Higgins outside the Irish Parliament

Ruth Coppinger and Joe Higgins outside the Irish Parliament   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Socialism is bursting open the straitjacket of big business politics across the planet.

In Ireland, the Socialist Party has won three TDs (MPs) for the Anti-Austerity Alliance. Our Irish sister party charged to a commanding lead in the Dublin South-West constituency.

Electors have routed establishment politicians – in particular, the treacherous Irish ‘Labour’ Party.

In the United States, self-declared socialist and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders fills sports stadiums. Up to 28,000 packed the terraces in Los Angeles, with the same number in Portland, Oregon.

Back in his Vermont home, Sanders holds an astonishing 65-point lead over right-wing Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton. Our co-thinkers in the US, Socialist Alternative, have won and retained a Seattle city council seat with national profile.

And here in Britain, a new YouGov poll shows growing support for socialist ideas. Respondents aged between 18 and 39 were likely to hold favourable views on socialism, and negative views on capitalism.

Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-austerity leadership victory has opened up an exciting new space to discuss and fight for socialist change.

Junior doctors are joining the battle too, striking against attacks on the NHS.

Politics is on course for a change – resurgent working class engagement and militancy. The Socialist welcomes this fight. Socialism is back on the agenda.