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Annette Egan, Staines Socialist Party

I have always had socialist values. I went to the big trade union demonstration in London last year with Save Our Services in Surrey and to the Refugees Welcome protest last September.

I bought a copy of the Socialist on both marches and reading the ‘what we stand for’ section I realised that these were exactly the same values that I believed.

I saw the advert at the bottom of the page and decided to contact the Socialist Party and see what being a member involved.

The response was great, really positive. I spoke to local and national organisers on the phone and attended Socialism 2015.

At Socialism 2015 I was really impressed by the speakers and contributors from the floor about what campaigns they were working on locally and the impact they were having.

Afterwards I knew that I wanted to be a part of this.

I met Paul Couchman, from my local branch, who helped me join, and talked to me about our work in Staines.

He also helped me get elected as a Unison rep in the school where I work.

One of the first Socialist Party meetings I attended was about Jeremy Corbyn and his ideas. It was exciting to see such a great turn out in Staines and to hear speakers from Plane Stupid and a junior doctor.

I’m really pleased to have made the decision to join.