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Easter 1916 Dublin uprising commemorated

The Irish state put on a show commemorating the Easter 1916 Dublin uprising against British rule. However, this official pageant represented a sanitised version of that watershed moment in Ireland’s history. Glossed over was the pivotal role of revolutionary socialist James Connolly and the workers’ Irish Citizens Army militia.

A comprehensive article on the uprising – A revolt against imperial power and war – by Cillian Gillespie of the Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) can be read on

The Socialist will be carrying an extensive feature on the uprising in the issue covering the actual date of the 100th anniversary (24-29 April).

Kshama Sawant addresses Sanders rally

‘Democratic socialist’ Bernie Sanders secured landslide victories in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state primaries in his bid to secure the Democratic Party presidential nomination over Wall Street, corporate establishment rival, Hillary Clinton.

Sanders addressed a 20,000-strong rally in Seattle at which Kshama Sawant also spoke. She called for a “new party of the 99%”. Kshama is the city’s Socialist Alternative (co-thinkers of the Socialist Party) councillor who spearheaded the introduction of a $15 an hour minimum wage. A video and transcript of her rally speech is available on

Kshama was quoted in the Guardian following her protest earlier at a Clinton rally where she held aloft a sign which read: “I’m not with her”.