Them and us fishes, photo Suzanne Beishon

Them and us fishes, photo Suzanne Beishon   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Theresa May

War in Iraq

  • Voted for
  • 1,033,000 – Estimated casualties between 2003 and 2007 as a result of the conflict (ORB, 2007)

Benefit cap

  • Voted for
  • 64% – Of people affected by the benefit cap are single parents (Mirror, 2015). This autumn it will lower even further, while the cost of living continues to rise


  • Theresa May: £117,350 (declared taxable pay, 2014-15) plus MP’s expenses
  • UK median disposable income: £25,600 (ONS estimate, October 2015)

Bedroom tax

  • Voted for
  • Three in four benefit claimants hit by the bedroom tax had to cut back on food to pay it; 46% had to cut back on heating (CCHPR/Ipsos Mori, 2015)

Tax dodging

  • Voted against measures to reduce it
  • £122 billion a year – Estimated combined cost of illegal tax evasion – £85 billion, legal avoidance – £19 billion, and non-payment – £18 billion (PCS, 2014)

Net worth

  • Theresa May: £1.6 million (estimated value of property portfolio, 2010) – over ten times the national average
  • UK average: £147,134 (Irwin Mitchell solicitors, 2014)

This isn’t just any pay cut…

This is an M&S pay cut. The retailer has announced plans to slash premiums for Sundays, bank holidays and unsocial hours, affecting 7,000 workers. It will also cut pensions contributions for 11,000.

This is an attempt to pass a dip in sales profits onto hard-pressed staff.

Management is trying to hide the cut by also introducing a basic rate increase of 15%.

The Socialist says: make the bosses pay! Take the loss from their profits, not our wages.