Fujitsu strikers, Stevenage, 29.2.17

Fujitsu strikers, Stevenage, 29.2.17   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Fujitsu workers strike for jobs and union recognition

Today Unite members across Fujitsu took strike action to support the campaign to save jobs and for the right for union recognition for all members.

Fujitsu has announced 1,800 job losses over the next 18 months through offshoring, outsourcing and automation.

Many Unite members at Fujitsu have been on strike today for their first time and all major Fujitsu sites in the UK have been picketed.

Members of Stevenage Socialist Party went along to support the picket in Stevenage where turnout was good and spirits high.

Unite’s combine committee will be discussing future action tomorrow, however continuous action short of strike is in force from today.

A Fujitsu striker in Stevenage


Fujitsu picket line in Warrington, photo Hugh Caffrey

Fujitsu picket line in Warrington, photo Hugh Caffrey   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Unite members at Fujitsu’s Warrington workplaces braved the snow and sleet to mount a picket from 5.30am today.

Workers are worried about threatened job losses and are also campaigning on the issues of union recognition, pay and pensions.

The union’s slogan on the strike leaflet: “Strike for your future”, is especially apposite with, apparently, ‘race to the bottom’ company DHL looking to take over the Warrington warehouse workforce. The workers do not see Fujitsu as interested in maintaining, let alone improving, their terms and conditions. The company scrapped the body it had created to oversee that, just before announcing the job losses!

Only decisive industrial action will force back this employer and that’s what Unite members are willing to do. Wider support is on offer too, with several trucks and vans turning round and refusing to cross the picket line.

Warrington Socialist Party members are taking this dispute to the local trade union movement to gain maximum support for any future days of action.

Hugh Caffrey

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