TUC supports Birmingham bin workers

TUC Congress has today voted unanimously for a Unite emergency motion supporting the Birmingham bin workers and condemning Birmingham council for reneging on the deal agreed at ACAS.

In a barnstorming speech, Unite assistant general secretary and acting West Midlands regional secretary Howard Beckett slammed the council chief executive, and the Labour councillors for not standing up to her.

“The Labour council are acting like Tories in how they are treating their workers. Our convenor Richie told the NSSN rally on Sunday that workers face losing £5,000.”

“If Labour councillors act like Tories, we will call them Tories and treat them like Tories”.

In seconding the motion, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka gave full support to Unite and the bin workers and told delegates that at the NSSN rally, John McDonnell pledged support to the bin workers.

Rob Williams