Socialism 2017, photo Mary Finch

Socialism 2017, photo Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Amid the busy atmosphere of Saturday afternoon at Socialism 2017 on 11 November, 30 or so Socialist Students activists found the time to get together to discuss the upcoming budget day protests.

Students reported that this academic year has seen a new determined crop of students coming into the Socialist Students societies who are committed to campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn’s promise of free education and an end to austerity.

Socialist Students is prepared to respond to potentially volatile events in the lead up to Theresa May’s attempt to pass a budget with a crumbling government.

Plans have already been made for a series of protests in places such as Cardiff, Leeds and London. Members are being flexible in their strategy and organising not just around free education but also key local demands.

For example, the University of Southampton has just announced plans to cut 75 academic jobs. As a result Socialist Students has adopted the slogan ‘no job cuts, save all jobs’ for our protest on 22 November, as well as inviting the university’s trade unions to join us.

Pressure over the budget will exacerbate the existing splits in the Tory government. Socialist Students knows that the government is likely to need a shove for it to fall.

We are doing our bit to build a vibrant student movement to be the force that topples the Tories and makes Corbyn’s manifesto a reality.

Josh Asker, Southampton Socialist Party