Chris Baugh out supporting PCS members on strike

Chris Baugh out supporting PCS members on strike   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

The voting meetings are starting in civil service union PCS’s broad left, Left Unity, for the re-run contest for the assistant general secretary (AGS) nomination. Socialist Party member Chris Baugh has been AGS since 2004. He won over 48% of the Left Unity nomination votes in an extremely close-run election held at the end of 2018 that saw a record turnout of Left Unity members.

The unfortunate withdrawal of Janice Godrich, due to ill health, has meant that the election is being re-run.

Chris has secured at least eleven nominations, a majority, and up from eight last time. The Chris4AGS campaign is seeking nominations for Chris and also for Tahir Latif to fill a national executive committee vacancy on the Left Unity slate.

There will now be voting meetings in each Left Unity geographical group. For those who can’t attend their meeting, they can vote by post. All votes have to be in by 5pm on Friday 25 January.