£24,047 raised – 96% of target

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Chris Newby, the Socialist sales organiser

Our special coronavirus appeal is still getting a fantastic response. Donations are pouring in across England and Wales to make sure that we have the resources to produce our socialist analysis and programme for the coronavirus crisis.

96-year-old Claude Mickleson from Gloucestershire branch has donated a marvellous £1,000.

It’s clear that our readers really value the articles in the Socialist as the following quotes show:

Cath Byron from East London who has donated £50 writes on issue 1083 of the Socialist:

“l am deep in the Socialist and its brilliant articles re the Tories’ disastrous response to the crises in the workforce, especially key workers beyond the NHS like bus drivers. It was so interesting to read Steve Nally’s frontline report from his experience at St Thomas. The only account l have read of a patient from first symptoms to discharge, and afterwards back at home. And with such clear analysis, too.”

Keith Morrell from Southampton who has donated £50 to our appeal writes:

“Excellent responses by Hannah Sell to civil service union PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka’s complaints”

Mark Walker from south east London donating £30 writes:

“In response to the challenges that Covid is presenting us, the ideas must survive,”

Karen Geraghty, who took part in the Socialist Party Wales public meeting last week, donated £100 following the financial appeal, and has now agreed to join the Socialist Party.

Other donations include Sean Vickers from Chesterfield, £125, which is money saved by working from home; Lindsey Morgan, Leicester, £20 – money that she saved on meeting room subs and travel; Beth Webster from Cardiff West, £150; Christopher Parton, Stoke on Trent, £50; Calvin Fowler, Worcester, donated £5 which is what he would normally spend at the Monday Socialist Party branch meeting; health worker William Jarrett, North Shields, £50; Rob Hooper, Leeds, £110.

While the coronavirus special appeal is making up the largest part of our fighting fund, our members and supporters are looking at every opportunity to raise funds. Yorkshire members raised £130 from their online quiz night on May Day, Gareth Bromhall in Swansea raised £17 selling second-hand books, and Tessa Warrington in Leicester raised £25.40 selling clothes on eBay.

Our members and supporters are doing marvellous work in raising funds for the Socialist Party. But it’s vital that we continue our efforts. Make sure that everyone you know is asked to donate to our special coronavirus appeal.