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Supporters of the National Shop Stewards Network held protests outside Debenhams stores in Leeds, London, Plymouth and Southampton against the company’s savage cuts to jobs and stores, as part of a day of action called by members of the retail workers union, Usdaw.

Oxford Street, London

Oxford Street, London   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

These cuts include closing their entire Irish retail store network (currently being fought by workers organised in Mandate, the Irish sister union of Usdaw), 20 stores that won’t be reopening post-lockdown in the UK, and job cuts on top of this at their head office.

Socialist Party members gave out copies of the Usdaw Activist Debenhams special issue, which was well received by Debenhams workers and the public.


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We called for the company to open their financial accounts to trade union inspection, and for the company to be brought into public ownership if necessary to save jobs.