School boy assaulted by police in Tottenham – end racist policing

Tottenham protest against police racism

Tottenham protest against police racism   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Helen Pattinson, London Socialist Party

People woke up to a horrific video on Friday 11 December. It was of a 16 year old black boy in his school uniform, being assaulted by a police officer in Tottenham, north London. A protest was quickly called and grew to around 80 people.

The incident took place outside Park View school as students were gathering to pick up their exam certificates.

The demo marched to Tottenham police station, which has been the focus point of anti-racist protests over decades. There have been a number of racist deaths of black men and women in custody. Protesters asked why local Labour MP David Lammy was not attending.

The Socialist Party supported the protest with posters against racist policing. Our material called for democratic working-class control of policing, so that trade unions, young people and working-class communities have the ability to challenge racist policing, including the ability to appoint and dismiss chief constables and senior officers.