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Phoebe Cox, Mansfield Socialist Party

Mainstream politics can feel like an anchor to the chest. I once walked the streets, and delivered leaflets for the promise of a socialist government in 2019.

Many staunch socialists tried to do their best inside Labour, before either leaving of their own accord or being thrown out. There was only so much ‘fighting from within Labour’ talk that I could stand before I realised that nobody was fighting for our communities.

I was left with the question: what happens now?

Do we just call it a day? Do we think: “Socialism isn’t happening anytime soon, and the Tories will stay in power for years, so what is the point in doing anything?”

I did not want to jump into anything new straight away, and it took me a few months to even consider joining the Socialist Party. I was apprehensive about falling into yet another toxic and disheartening environment.

However, joining the Socialist Party was the best decision I have made. It has enabled me to harness all the energy and passion that I had before.

Fighting spirit

I have not lost my fighting spirit or my interest to know and do more. I just found a place where it was represented and appreciated.

In the Socialist Party, I found an accessible group of like-minded people. I am part of a growing conversation, actively learn about national and international issues, and have mutual respect with people from all walks of life.

It is so refreshing to be in a safe and supportive environment, that simply allows you to just be, listen and learn. Your energy is reciprocated in abundance.

There is no pressure or expectation. You just give what you can, and you find how you fit.

Whether you want to contribute to the Socialist paper, make a donation – according to your financial means – to the fighting fund, join the local campaign stalls, or just call in and listen to the meetings. There is no contribution too big or too small.

Your presence alone is enough, and your involvement is invaluable. To me, that is the most refreshing and rewarding part of being a Socialist Party member.

The Socialist Party does not have all of the answers, and neither does it profess to. But it offers a space to mobilise, organise, inform and educate – providing helpful resources about ways to support our communities from the ground up. There is a level of authenticity and awareness that is exactly how politics should be.

The Socialist Party is accessible, self-aware, and constantly adapting to real issues that people face every day, whether happening on our doorstep or across the ocean.

It could be for you too. Socialism is the solution that we seek, and it is within reach.