Placards like these cost money! photo Paul Mattsson

Placards like these cost money! photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Chris Newby, Socialist Party fighting fund organiser

Congratulations to all our members and supporters who helped us smash our fighting fund target for the July-September quarter, raising a brilliant £31,703, 127% of the target. The highlight of the quarter was the tremendous collection at the Socialist Party national council meeting (see raising £8,655.

Socialist Party branches have also been doing excellent campaigning work. From Newcastle to Truro, from Swansea to Hull, Socialist Party members have raised thousands of pounds on their campaign stalls on many different issues – particularly calling for a 15% NHS and care worker pay rise and an increase in funding by taking the wealth off the rich.

And our members have taken every opportunity to raise fighting fund by organising picnics, donating their trade union expenses, selling badges and organising raffles. Donations that we have received this week include £90.38 from Sheffield Socialist Party from students at freshers stalls and meetings, and a donation of £55 from Harry Medeiros in Salisbury saying: “Keep up the good work”.

But we need to keep the fundraising efforts going, to make sure we can exceed the target this quarter. It’s important that all our branches draw up plans now.

Can you plan an extra campaign stall each week? Is there a workplace you can sell the Socialist at? Are there transport hubs where you can organise a campaign stall? What other fundraising events can you plan, like parties and raffles?

If you need any help in planning how you can reach your fighting fund target, please contact the finance department at the Socialist Party offices.