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Socialism 2021 event

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st November 2021

A weekend of discussion and debate hosted by the Socialist Party

Capitalism is rotten. Luxury space travel for billionaires – but more and more people face a struggle just, for survival. And environmental catastrophe brings huge problems, hitting the poorest hardest.

We need an alternative! But what is it?
How can workers get organised and fight, back in the post-pandemic world? How can a real workers’ politics be built?

In a world facing crisis on every front, discussion on how socialist ideas can change the world is more necessary than ever. That’s why the Socialist Party is organising the Socialism 2021 weekend event from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of November.

  • Opening rally online: Friday 19 November
  • Workshops: Saturday 20 November and Sunday 21 November
  • ‘Rally for Socialism’: 4-6pm Saturday 20 November at Queen Mary University of London

In person and on Zoom

Tickets and info: www.socialism2021.net