No more stooge union reps!

Construction workers demonstrated at the Whiston hospital site on Merseyside on 11 January against the actions of a company-appointed union ‘representative’.

Hugh Caffrey, Manchester

To enable attacks on workers’ rights and conditions, to hold down pay and prop up profits, many construction companies have union officials in their pockets. Workers are demanding that the Amicus convenor for NG Baileys at Whiston is removed from his post.

Banners and the widely distributed Socialist Party leaflet made our feelings clear! Workers want elected reps who stand up for them. A senior manager for the lead contractor discussed with us for a long time and agreed to look into the situation.

The commercial property industry is plunging. As that plunge affects profits, there will be further attacks on already-miserable pay, conditions, and safety. Many jobs will be threatened.

A fighting lead from the unions is needed now, to stand up to the employers and government.