Inspiring victory for Polish workers

FIVE HUNDRED miners who had been occupying the Budryk mine in Poland have reached an agreement with management after spending 46 days 1,000 metres underground (see The Socialist, Issue 516).

The miners will receive a 10% pay rise, as well as a one-off payment, the net value of which will amount to 1,500 zlotys (£315). The agreement also calls for the formation of a special commission, which will include one of the striking miners.

The commission will deal with the standardisation of wages in mines across Poland irrespective of posts. Budryk miners have the lowest wages in the mining industry. This is an important victory for miners, thanks to the determination of the trade union ‘August 80′ in which members of the Committee for a Workers’ international (CWI) work, and of the ‘Kadry’ trade union.

This victory will inspire other workers, currently on strike in Poland, in their struggle for decent wages.

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